I go fishing 3 days a week...
1 hour before work in the morning
a short while after business in the evening.
Tomorrow I'll go 1 hour in the morning, too.
With my private bond
and I'll try this one I got the other day.
With the lures that surely satisfy me.
I need the rod, reel and B-XX505.
That's enough.
(multi-purpose waist & hand carry BOX)
Multi-purpose aluminum box w/ leather handle
L 7 4/5" x W 5" x H 2 1/6"
Large enough to carry 25 - 30 medium sized lures
Attachable to belt and shoulder strap for easy carrying
When attached to belts, it's designed to open and stop perpendicular
100 degrees for easy access
External right and left clip for other fishing accessories
Cork sheet inside on one side and compartment on other
With floater belt
Fits inside Fly vest pockets

R compartments
L7-4/5"~W5"~H2-1/6" @TWDOO

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